Kalapa Clinic of Spain visits PIDEKA in Colombia

March 21, 2019


PIDEKA and Kalapa Clinic initiate communications towards the exchange of experiences and knowledge in different areas of knowledge of medical cannabis.

Doctors Mariano García de Palau and Janosch Willem Kratz of Kalapa Clinic in Spain explain the importance of knowing the origin of the product and its composition in order to properly conduct and accompany a therapy with the use of cannabis.

The PIDEKA SAS group proposes the offer of carefully selected organic products to present a correct balance of elements, standardized by an "indoor" production method that offers maximum control over the quality of the product, so that users and clinicians know exactly the origin and composition of the medication.

Both companies are committed to exchanging information and experiences that can help deepen medicinal knowledge about this plant, aware that aligning experience and knowledge in the production and application of cannabis is the key to potentiating the achievement of therapeutic applications.