We are a company dedicated to the cultivation of the cannabis plant for the transformation of pharmaceutical grade derivatives and their commercialization. We have state-of-the-art facilities and technology, meeting high quality standards and combined with scientific research to produce products that contribute to improving people's quality of life.


We will be the most recognized company worldwide for the production of pharmaceutical grade cannabis, developing new business units, based on scientific evidence for the treatment of diseases of varying complexity and taking advantage of market opportunities.



Honor and Respect

Responsibility and Compromise

Team Work




PIDEKA is the first and only licensed indoor grower, has an in vitro cultivation laboratory for cannabis plant material and a solvent and solvent extraction laboratory. We are GMP and GACP certified by SGS International. We are working on establishing our own self-regulatory label based on the EU's GMP international standard and will soon be ISO 9001 certified.

We have an experienced team in all areas of pharmaceutical grade cannabis production and processing for medicinal use. We lead the history of medical cannabis-based products in Colombia, with more than 1,000 patients treated with the company's products, for more than 70 pathologies and pain.

PIDEKA registered 55 genetic sources of cannabis in the Colombian Agricultural Institute ICA, six of them commercially available, since they are approved in the cultivar registry of the country.

Our operation is supported by all licenses and permits required by government entities for the production, processing, distribution and export of cannabis for medical and scientific use.


These cases enabled unprecedented research and setting parameters for responses to individual treatments and disease-based treatments, based on human experiences, rather than laboratory models (a sample of more than 1,000 people).


This has allowed the accumulation of great knowledge not only in the protocols and particularities of the different plant-based treatments, but also in the specific aspects of the botanical and agronomic aspects of the treatments.